Computerized testing of patients

You can continue to work in the same way as before. You just replace 'paper and pencil' tests with computerized versions: less time-consuming tallying and scoring, more time and attention for the patient. And still finished faster.

Workflow met NeuroTask testen: Uitleg, Test, Rapport

It is possible to buy just one test. Every test can be administered immediately without further investments in hardware or software.


In scientific research, it is now increasingly common to test patients with a computer rather than by hand. Also, in clinical practices there are important advantages for assessment and diagnosis:

  • Uniform presentation of stimuli
  • Automatic, in-depth reporting and storage of all details
  • Richer data (e.g., reaction times), which can provide more insight

NeuroTask offers a range of tests that easily be administered with PC, Mac, iPad or other tablet under supervision of a neuropsychologist. After testing, a report is generated automatically. The advantages also extend to the realm of clinical business practice:

  • Less error prone
  • Save time, for example during the reporting stage
  • Save money, especially if a test assistant is available

Internet-based testing

Rather than developing software that runs directly on different types of hardware, we have chosen to administer our tests directly via the Internet. The underlying technology is identical to that used with, for example, google maps, google docs, or online E-mail. Recent advances in hardware and browsers makes any differences between online tests and locally run tests unimportant, except for certain specialized tests.

The scientific team of NeuroTask has more than ten years experience with this technology. Via the University of Amsterdam website at, Prof. Jaap Murre and colleagues have administered more than 100,000 individual tests, including many classic tests like the Digit Span or Corsi Blocks.

Internet-based testing has a number of advantages:

  • The norms data are often based on large and recent samples
  • Newly added tests can be used immediately
  • Tests can be offered at lower rates than paper-and-pencil tests